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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of 10 million Zen Magnets.

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The magnets are being recalled because there is a potential that they could be ingested either by accident or on purpose.

The powerful magnets can attract to each other or another metal object and can lodge in the digestive system, causing perforations, twisting or blocking of the intestines.

The injury could lead to an infection, blood poisoning or death.

The magnets were marketed under the names Zen Magnets or Neoballs and sold online and in some Colorado-based stores. Zen Magnets came individually or in sets of 72, 216 with six spares or 1,728 with eight spares. Neoballs were sold individually and came in silver, gold, red, orange, green, blue or purple. They cost between $12 and $264 per set or 6 to 10 cents per magnet when purchased individually.

Zen Magnets said the company has been alerted to two reports of children ingesting the magnets and having to undergo surgery to remove the magnets. The CPSC has received other reports of children and teens ingesting them.

Zen Magnets said the company has been offering a voluntary recall since 2016.

Consumers are being told to stop using the magnets immediately and contact Zen Magnets for a refund, the CPSC reported.

You can contact the company via email for more information or call them toll-free at 844-936-6245, according to the CPSC.